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Listen to a quick audio explaining how our program works.

How does it work?

Just three simple steps:

  1. Tell us your needs
  2. Select a package
  3. We coordinate a phone interview with you and your Virtual Blvd Assistant (VBA) via free Skype call.
  4. We coordinate a phone interview with you and your Back Up Virtual Blvd Assistant (VBA) via free Skype call.
  5. You select your VBA and confirm a start date and time.
  6. We assist with the setup up process of data or file sharing work material to your VBA as well as provide continuous client support.

How is Virtual Blvd finding the best candidates?

Our highly trained and experienced recruiting team filters through hundreds of resumes and applications, checks references, hold face to face interviews with each and every VBA candidate and test their skills within our own company before bringing them on board. Each VBA’s education, experience and skill level are then matched with your provided job description to ensure that our VBAs produce high caliber performance at every task.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines has become one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world and the reasons are undeniable.

    Education is high on the priority list for Filipinos. Universities in the Philippines produce almost 700,000 graduates each year with degrees that enhance technical proficiencies. The Philippines is also one of the top English-speaking countries in the world.
    Filipinos are hard working & are known to take pride in their work giving 110% at EVERY task.
    The workforce within the Philippines is a competitive one with limited opportunities for bright, talented and educated individuals. Outsourcing positions are solutions that these bright talents have embraced and excelled in.
    Filipinos have positive, respectful and grateful dispositions which, in general, creates an easy & enjoyable working relationship.

What tasks can my VBA handle?

Your VBA can take on any task that can be performed virtually. Some samples of VBA tasks include but are not limited to lead generation, digital marketing, administrative support, social media management, web and graphic design, bookkeeping and customer support.

What time zone and hours will my VBA work?

Your VBA will work your preferred time zone. Full-time VBA works 9 hours per day with an hour break and part-time VBA works 4 hours per day.

How many hours per week will my VBA work?

Each VBA will work a minimum of 20 hours per week and can work up to 40 hours per week. For time-sensitive projects or if you need additional hours within the week, we can assign overtime hours to your currently VBA or we can bring on a secondary VBA to help meet your project deadline.

How does billing work?

Simply choose a retainer plan based on hours you need and you will be billed for that plan. If you decide that you need more hours on the next run, you can select a different package. The more hours purchased per plan, the more saving you will get on the hourly rate.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Electronic Checks. Credit card surcharges are waived for auto debit accounts. There are no surcharges for Electronic Checks.

Can I roll-over hours?

We do not allow roll-over of hours at this time as we block off your assigned VBA’s time based on your subscribed plan. This allows us to limit the number of clients assigned to any one VBA ensuring optimum productivity and performance from each of our skilled VBA team members.

How and when can I start working with my VBA?

Once you sign up for our services and fill out the detailed job description needed for the position, we will contact you to go over the task- ensuring that we source the perfect candidate for your needs. From our database of fully trained and skilled virtual assistants, the best candidate suited for the job and your business will be selected. At that time, your VBA will reach out to you for an introduction, establish communication and let you know that they are ready to begin work on the task assigned. Once all necessary information is received, a VBA can get started on your task within 48 to 72 hours.

What is the best way to communicate and share data with my VBA?

Our most utilized tools of communication are Skype call, Skype video chat, Google hangout for instant messaging and email or Google Drive for sending larger files. By using these online tools, you also have the ability to include your VBA on team meetings when discussing project goals.

How do I track my VBA’s productivity?

We require all VBAs to log in and out with each shift by using a time-tracking software. Additionally, at the end of each shift, you will be provided an ‘End of Day’ report from our time-tracking software which will include the following:

  1. Log in & log out sheet
  2. List of completed task including time used to complete each task
  3. A screenshot of your VBA's desktop taken every 10 minutes
  4. Websites visited and duration of visit
  5. Apps used during their shift.

Can I change my VBA if I’m not happy with him/her?

Yes. Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Simply let us know the reason for the change request so we can address any concerns and avoid in the future.

What if my VBA becomes unavailable?

Our procedure includes automatically assigning a backup VBA in case your originally assigned VBA becomes unavailable. We make sure your backup VBA is updated on all your current processes, therefore ensuring your operations will not be disrupted should your originally assigned VBA becomes unavailable. Unforeseen Outages: Your backup VBA will usually be located in a different city from your originally assigned VBA.  This multi-location arrangement is helpful in a chance an outage happens in one city, your backup VBA will not be affected by the same outage and can proceed with business as usual.   When an outage occurs:

  1. The VBA is instructed to immediately notify Virtual Blvd of the outage.
  2. We immediately notify the Client of the outage.
  3. If the outage exceeds 60 minutes, the Client is provided 2 options: 1) Wait until your VBA is live to resume the shift 2) Have your Back Up VBA continue with the shift.
  4. The client's available retained hours are paused during an outage and will resume when the VBA is back on shift or when the Back Up VBA resumes the shift.

Does my VBA work on major holidays?

It is up to you if you would like your VBA to work on major holidays. Please note that some VBAs may request time off during major holidays in the Philippines. These holiday requests will be communicated ahead of time and a backup VBA can be put in place if needed.